Q: How to remove rear lower control arm spindle long bolt on the 1996 lexus es 300? on 1996 Lexus GS300

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Need to remove control arm long bolt from the spindle. It seems to be eigther pressed in or just needs to be bang out. I'm afraid of ruin bolt if bang out. Please advise any suggestions to remove this bolt. We to remove in order to replace control arm.
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you need to bang it out with a hammer or if you have a small sledgehammer works better. I got lucky and only needed to replace 1 bolt but I had to replace both nuts because the heads mushroomed from hitting them with the sledgehammer. I paid $20 at the junkyard near me for both bolts and nuts, if you have to order them from the dealer they are about $20 for 1 bolt and 1 nut.