Q: How to remove rear bumper. on 2001 Subaru Outback

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Hi, my girlfriend was recently rear ended and when she took her car into a body shop they told her she needed a whole new bumper. She never had the work done and 6 months passed. I was in a scrap yard the other day trying to get a new interior door panel and i asked about the rear bumper, a few of the guys looked at it and claimed that it would not need replacing and that the body shop only wanted to replace it as the insurance was supposed to cover it. Anyways the guys told me that I should be able to take it slightly off and push it back on properly and then can take care of the scratches easily myself. So I went out today to try and look into taking off the bumper but I could not figure it out (and was also scared to experiment). My question is: How the hell do you get that bumper off and back on again?


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