Q: how to remove fuel tank on 2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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i have sedement in the fuel tank to be removed (foreign matter in fuel I purchased at a service station).
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I have some very bad news for you -- what i'm about to share has about a 99% probability of occurring in your truck right now:

The foreign matter that you have described almost surely did not come from your fueling station.

It is the result of the coating of the inside of your fuel tank peeling off.

This is a result of a chemical reaction that occurs when BioDiesel fuels are used in concentrations of greater than 5% in your Ford Truck. Whether on purpose or accidentally by the fuel you use.

Your tank needs replaced (Ford has a "revised tank" design that limits this occurrence again), your lines need flushed out, and filters need replaced. Depending on how far the debris got, you may have further issues.

This is very frustrating and unfortunate -- and expensive. Sorry for the news. You will need to contact a local technician familiar with this issue - probably every Ford dealership has such a tech on staff.

It's important to share that this is not in any way a defect, at least in Ford's opinion. That tank design had been used for a couple of decades with no issue. The fuel available for use has changed, and unfortunately, as a byproduct causes this issue.

Good luck to you!