Q: how to remove front axel bearing and seal on 1994 Dodge Ram 2500

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I need to know how to remove the front rotor to remove front axel to replace bearing and seal on the drivers side, the chiltons manual does not have the information I need to do the repair. I can't get the rotor off and I dont want to break anything while removing hub assembly to replace what I need to replace " bearing and axel seal".
(2) Answers
i had that same problem and you need to buy a wheel bearing socket at an auto part store, about $22. i dont think ud have to take off the axl nut keep it how it is.
you need to remove the caliper and on the inside of the steering nuckle there will be 4 bolts they hold the hub on this is the hard part the hub is usally rusted on what i do is get some grade 8 bolts that are longer then the orginal ones then screw them in untill they bottom out then us a REALLY GOOD air chisel with a blunt tip and use it against the head of the bolts switching from side to side this can take some time i have also seen people use a hub puller that looks like big dent puller but if you choose that dont loosen the axle nut untill the bearing is removed as you can pull the bearing apart (seen it done new bearing a few hunderd dollars) hope this helps you
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