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Q: how to remove compass and temperature overhead panal on 2005 Toyota Tacoma

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compass and temperature quit working and i need to know how to remove the overhead console
Don't do what I started to do and remove just the compass/temperature unit. I have 2007 Tacoma, so it may be similar. Open sunglass compartment. Remove single screw in the middle. Go to the front of whole overhead console (nearest windshield), grap under the front with your fingers and give it a good tug down. There are two spring clips you're fighting. Then rotate the console down pulling a little forward to clear the three clips in the back. There are two wires connecting the lights and the compass/temperature unit. You'll need a star driver to remove three screws for the unit. There is a small clip on the top of the connector for the wiring assembly that must be depressed before the connector will release. The unit cost $172 at Toyota parts. When re-installing, make sure the spring clips are wedged back on the plastic mounts. They tend to fall off when you pull it down. Good luck.
Thanks! Your instructions were easy. Turns out that I only paid $21.00 to get it fixed. $18 for soldering iron & $3 for solder. A tiny chip fell off, so I soldered it back great!

I run the service that repairs these displays ( )
In order to remove yours, remove the single screw from the sunglasses compartment, then gently pull down on the entire console on the end nearest the windshield. There are two clips that will pop out. Now disconnect the wiring, and pull down the console. Using a #10 torx, you can remove the display unit (accessory meter).

Hope this helps!
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