Q: how to put a new timing belt on this 1997 pontiac trans am on 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

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how to put a new timing belt on a 1997 pontiac trans am
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2.4L is listed as a chain driven engine. (quad-4?) The listing I checked also shows the water pump is driven off the chain. IF you're an amature DIYer , you DO NOT WANT TO attempt this yourself!! Unless you have lots of time and patience and a warm indoor setting(warm is just a personal preference). GET a manual!!....This is guessing it IS a Grand AM , NOT A Trans Am which is not listed in 1997.
you will have get the front cover off replace timing belt make sure you have the timing marks lined up properly .if you have never done one before I would take it to a shop and have I dont know if its an interferance engine, if it is and you get timing marks not lined up you could bend some valves then you end up pulling the heads off