Q: how to position the camshaft gear top dead center on 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

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how do you position the camshaft gear top dead center when there is no mark on the gear?
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On some engines (BBW) have to set by removing valve cover and locking cam shaft in place with special tool. No notch on sprocket cuz it does not lock in place but is pressed on with high torque so position can change anytime sprocket bolt is loosened
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Your 2.0L should have a mark on the camshaft gear outer edge of the pulley that lines up with a mark ( a small arrow) on the timing belt tooth guard at the back of the cam sprocket gear.
A lot of European cars need special tools to lock the camshafts in place. These camshafts and gear sprockets don't use a conventional type "key" to lock the camshaft and cam pulley but this is not the case with your engine.