Q: How to lubricate front drive axle on 4x4 on 2010 Dodge Ram 2500

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The owners manuel says to lubicate the front drive axle at every oil change. I can not find any grease serts or ports to apply grease. Would like to know how to do this.
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Thats Dodge's way of telling you- "We'll see you soon for new parts that you can't lubricate."
Most new cars/trucks/suv's (if not all) don't have any greaseable front end parts or driveline parts on them- no zerks. Those parts are "sealed for life" so they say. Without lubrication they will fail sooner or later.
Your only defense is a grease needle to get grease into those parts. Keep in mind- A, be patient with a needle, it takes time to push grease through it. And B, you are going to make a hole in the protective boots designed to keep the lube inside.
I've done it on my own vehicle (no zerks) and it works well and keeps things lubed. The only trick is going back into the same hole you made with the needle the first time so as not to make too many holes in the boots. Good luck!
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