Q: How to get rid the noise when drive on freeway? on 2007 BMW 328i

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It is seem like on the driver side window is leaking when driving on freeway because i heard the noise at driver side window when driving. I check do check the seal rubber it is still condition. How to fic the problem because i got headache when driving.
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As a former employee of BMW I ran into this issue a few times.. are you sure that this noise is comming from the window and not the sunroof? I have had to replace window seals on certain vehicles for this issue even though they look brand new sometimes they may not seal correctly. Sometimes I have had to adjust the sunroof for similar noises. Feel free to call me if you are unable to locate the source and I will be happy to assist you.

I found out that it is not from the window but come from the safety belt cover. When driving on freeway the car brivation and the cover is making noise. If some hold the cover then no noise at all. How do i fix that problem.