Q: how to flush the radiator on 1998 BMW 528i

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i don't have the repair manual, where is the drain plug located, is it underneath the radiator, should i refill the radiator with 50/50 coolant only/ thank you
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You have to remove the skid plate first. I would have the vehicle up on jack stands to be SAFE. The radiator plug is on the lower corner of the radiator. ( left or right) Be careful when unscrewing it, BMW radiator plugs are delicate. If you want to flush your system, then first just use water and then go to 50/50. I would recommend BMW coolant. It has properties that are important to the metals in side the engine as well as its boiling temp. You have a high-tech car, so it is wise to do it right, and not scrimp on important things like engine coolant. There is also a bleeder hole on the top of the engine that helps to purge air out of the system, It is important to use it. Also, the best way to really bleed the system of air, once you have 90% of the new coolant in the system is to drive the vehicle and then 'burp' the system by loosening the cap on the coolant bottle. USE CAUTION and be sure to respect the fact that coolant can burn your skin. Wear safety glasses!