Q: how to fix the horn mitsubishi mirage 2000 on 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage

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I have a 2000 Mitsubishi mirage my problem is the horn switch in the steering wheel appears to be stuck closed causing the horn to blow when the ignition is turned on,how hard is it to remove the air bag and get to the switch to replace it?

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Your problem maybe fix, but I hope this information can help someone else. It's not hard at all to replace the horn switch/ airbag. Just remember to disconnect negative battery post from your battery, leave disconnected for about 1/2 an hour. There is two screws on the side of steering wheel that has to be removed an the unit comes right out. Once you remove the unit from it's base than disconnect the center wire first( this maybe a Yellow wire)an than the black or red wire. ( Theres only two wires) When replacing the unit follow the same steps. Remember center wire first. (Yellow)