How to fix shifting problem on 2001 Pontiac Aztek

I have had my Aztek in several times to fix this problem to no avail.If I could not turn the ignition off all the way - the dealership said it was a broken wire. It worked for about two weeks this time they said the harnes ewasnt long and lenghtened it - again it lasted only a short time. Now to add to my problem, I cannot press the button in to put it in gear - please help. And PS I have also had a BCM module put in two weeks ago, because it would not start

by in Felda, FL on April 25, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on May 01, 2009
Is it possible that coffee or soda was spilled onto you shifter? The sugar in those drinks can cause the interlock solenoid and the shifter to become sticky. Sometimes removing the shifter and washing it with hot water will cure the problem.
ANSWER by on June 20, 2011
Is it having difficulty shifting between gears? My 2003 Aztek was bucking like a horse between gears and It turned out that it was related to another problem I was having. My speedometer, temp gauge, and fuel gauge ALL stopped working. I had that problem for a long time and no one could say whether the body computer or instrument panel was causing it, both costs @ $300.00 to fix. After much intensive looking around on the net I found out that if the speedometer is messed up for too long, it'll aftect the way some electrical unit in the transmission reads the speed, which in turn will mess up the transmission over time. So I took a shot and replaced the instrument panel, which seemed to fix everything, even my shifting problems, for the most part. Hope this helps.
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