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Q: How to fix intermittent stalling? on 2002 Dodge Dakota

Truck intermittently shudders/stalls while driving. No check engine light & code "P Done" displays. Replaced camshaft sensor & crank shaft sensor (including connectors for both sensors). Still have same problem. Dodge mechanic believes it's ECM. ECM was replaced a little over a year ago. I'm at the end of my rope with this problem. Can't afford to be "nickled & dimed" to death replacing possible fixes. HELP!
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Great answer Dale. Had similar problems on several Dodges found bad ECU. check this link I had them test and repair the ECU's for me, they did good work.
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ECM is a common problem based on the symptom (no code stall). Sometimes will be temperature related, or vibration related.
If you can find the ecm, wiggle the wiring at the pcm connector while truck is running. Also, tap on the computer to see if you can recreate the problem.
Dirty throttle bodies are a common problem causing a stall or unstable idle
Thanks for your answer! This problem has mostly been occuring in the early mornings, outside temp @48, and after driving @15 miles (it's 37 miles to work for me one way), then it appears to run fine in the afternoon on my home from work, except for this afternoon where it did act up. If the ECM and/or cleaning the throttle body doesn't fix this, what next?
Before kpauole replaces the PCM based on what we think, proper tests at the PCM to verify the cam and crank signal is getting to the PCM.
Initially, the codes retrieved were P0725. Since then I've only gotten the "P done" code. No check engine light, still and still intermittently stalling. Again, the camshaft & crankshaft sensors (including their connectors) have been replaced.
P0725 Engine Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction - With Automatic TransmissionPossible Causes Setting Conditions
•Check for any trouble codes related to the CKP sensor
•CKP sensor signal circuit open or shorted to ground
•CKP sensor signal circuit is shorted to voltage
•CKP sensor has failed
•PCM has failed
Engine running; and the PCM detected that the Engine Speed sensor signal was less than 390 rpm or it was more than 8,000 rpm, either condition met for 2 seconds. The Transmission Control System calculates the engine speed by directly reading the engine crank position sensor. It compares the calculated value to the engine speed sensor signal transmitted from the Engine Control System over the controllers internal BUS. The calculated engine speed is also compared to a minimum and a maximum value.

This code sets in 1 Trip(s).
This code will turn on the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp)
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