Q: how to fix 2001 Honda Civic Power Steering and how much it cost? on 2001 Honda Civic

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my car is making a noisy sound all the time from the engine. I believe is a problem with the power steering. When I turn the wheels the noise is more noticeable. can you help me? my email is
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Have you checked the power steering fluid level? Low fluid can make the pump noisier than usual. If it is low, you may have a leak somewhere that requires attention.

Other than that, you may have wear to the pump itself, causing the noise.

For a listing of local shops that may be able to help, click here:
Good luck!
Thank you for your feedback so promptly. i was thinking the same diagnosis. Power steering problem, but i want an expert opinion. Any idea how much it may cost in a regular mechanic shop. I now the Honda Dealer is very expensive, by experience.
The best thing to do is make a few calls to the facilities in the directory. Some may provide a complimentary diagnosis, some may have a modest fee. Unfortunately it would be difficult to say what something would cost without knowing what is wrong. Best of luck!
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