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Q: how to find the dust & Pollen Filter and change it on 2007 Honda CR-V

The only problem is trying to find the dust and pollen filter and how to change it out. This is the first time for me to change it. I can not find it.
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Ok, that I have got. I need to know step by step how to get to it & change it out The owners manual does not do me any good. There are no instructions to be found. Is this another scam for the dealership to make you come back and pay an arm & leg for anything you have them do?

So, you drop the door, as in releasing the pin from the right and allowing the glove box to drop all the way. The filter pulls directly out. Then the filter comes out of the bracket, just pull it out.

Remember - the owners manual won't give you instructions on how to perform an oil change either! Do-it-yourselfers like yourself can do anything if you put your mind to it and get a little nudge of help.

I would advise that it would be money well spent to either invest in an actual shop manual for the CR-V, or one of the following technical web sites:

I referred to ALLDATA to verify the instructions I just gave you. There are images also that should you what it looks like. Worth the nominal fee you pay.
Perfect reply. In fact the owner's manual in the "Do it yourself" section describes how to change the cabin filter. My question is: Can you get these filters at auto parts stores, i.e. O'Reilly's, Pep Boys?
Yes, you should be able to acquire a cabin air filter in the aftermarket (O'Reilly, etc). However, I find the best fit for filters and of course complete coverage comes from the dealership parts department. You can still get a good deal (shop around) and get the original fit filter.
iT'S BEHIND THE LOWER GLOVE BOX.Open lower glove box,on the right side there is a rod that holds the glove box from lowering to far.Un hitch the small 3'' plastic rod, then pinch in both sides of the glove box at the top toward the center of the bo(example, use both index fingers at the very top of the glove box ,left top and right top and pinch glove box toward the center and glove box will drop down.Then you will see the filter unit behind the glove box.Push the two(2) tabs on each side of filter away from filter unit and pull out filter.then install filter in unit and reverse above steps.
This is a huge money maker for the dealer. After you learn how to do it the first time, it will only take 10 minutes the next time.
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