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Q: How To Disable/Reset 1995 Camry Factory Anti-Theft System on 1995 Toyota Camry

I purchased 95 Camry nearly 7 years ago for cheap work car & have had no problems until I put it in shop couple weeks ago to have a new fuel pump installed. The mechanics disconnected battery to install pump. Afterwards when they hooked battery back up the alarm system activated (1st time ever since I've owned it)and evidently disabled electrical current to starter system. The horn stops blowing after minute or two but car engine still won't even turn over? Absolutely nothing mentioned about Car's Anti-theft system in owner's manual...Can someone give me instructions on what to do?
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Hi, Were you able to get this resolved? Is this a factory fitted alarm or aftermarket? And why didn't the shop that replaced the fuel pump address this?
Why didnt you answer with the way to remedy this issue , i took out my battery to replace it and have the same problem, can you please tell us how to reset the alarm after removing the battery. Please
he didn't answer because the answer is dependant on whether the alarm is factory or after market--each one has different steps to take to reset it to being disarmed! normally on aftermarket, there is a button that needs to be pushed after you turn the ignition switch on then off twice; on the factory system, there are various different potential actions depending on vehicle manufacturer--but most of the time it is related to turning the ignition switch in a series of predetermined strokes as well.
I'm having the exact same issue today on a 99 toyota camry. Still haven't figured it out...calling the toyota dealership did not help. They said to put key in, press red button to left of steering wheel so that it is in the "out" position, turn key to ACC, hold in red button, turn key to ON, and then the car should start...
the process above really works if you have a 1999 toyota camry that won't start due to the antitheft system!! At least it did for us ( :
Hello...sorry for "late" reply. I actually found a very small toggle switch on the left side kicker panel that once I flipped to off position, turned ignition switch on/off and then flipped toggle switch back on system reset and I was able to start the engine. Another mechanic told me it should be located under the driver's seat but after an exhaustive search and finding nothing I started looking under the dash and just happened to see it and like I said, mine was a very small toggle switch.
Hi read your post and wondered exactly where did you find toggle swith to reset theft deterrent sys. I have no red button left of steering wheel nor very small toggle switch down by foot kick plate on my 1999 Camry. Looked under drivers seat but see nothing.
My car turns over perfect and all lights on dash work. I can tell something with theft det sys needs to be reset. Dealers are no help.
Please advise
To disarm your alarm so your 1999 Camry will crank, look under your dash and find the little black box, unplug it, you will not have an alarm, but you can crank your car. You do not have to spend $100 to fix this cheap after market alarm system that is a pain in the drain!
hey i had this problem,my car died while driving and alarm system kept coming on. i finally decided to look at the alarm system that the previous owner had put in. i found this box and removed it, however i want to make certain this is the problem because im afraid my engine will cut out again while driving. its a rectangular box about 2 in long and 1 in wide. it has a red light on it and 4 wires leading to a connector. it also has some sort of knob on it. hope u can help thanks!
Is probably that the Alarm System in this 95 Camry is a Chapman Alarm. If this is the case, you'll find a red button and a toggle in the drivers left foot side. To use the car probably you'll need to program a new remote control. They are really very hard to find.

If this is your situation, please let us know in this forum.

Have 1999 Camry with starting problems due to anti theft deter sys. I have no toggle that I can find to reset nor red button on left side of steering wheel. I have tried the 5 times cycle of on/off etc etc. Any suggestions? Turns over beautiful, all lights working.
Thanks for any suggestions

"Answer #2 efosil December 04, 2012, 15:45

Is probably that the Alarm System in this 95 Camry is a Chapman Alarm. If this is the case, you'll find a red button and a toggle in the drivers left foot side. To use the car probably you'll need to program a new remote control. They are really very hard to find.

If this is your situation, please let us know in this forum." ......

Where can I find the program instructions for new remotes?
We have had this happen on our 1995 original camry more than once. This is not an aftermarket alarm or anything like that. It is something that was original on this year model camry. It is annoying. When you unhook the battery terminals and put them back, on the horn will go off. Not sure if it is an actual alarm, but I think that is the way the system was set up. When the system goes off, we just put the key in the ignition and start the car. It is supposed to turn the sound off. It also goes off when you have a weak battery and you try to jump start the car. When I hook the cables on to the battery using a jump starter, the horn automatically goes off. Once the car is jump started, the sound should go off. Going to jump start a dead battery on this car tomorrow. ;
This is happening to us right now on our 1994 Camry XLS. Battery died, tried to jump, and once the cables were hooked up, the lights and horn turned on - and wouldn't turn off. And the car wouldn't turn over. I flipped the toggle switch for the factory alarm (located behind/near the emergency foot brake) and still couldn't get the engine to turn over. I mean, I could turn the key, but no action. And it was one continuous honk. Any specific suggestions for this? Never used the alarm, but I know about the toggle switch from many years of it being accidentally thrown and car not being willing to start (with fully functioning battery.)
How to Disable a Factory Toyota Alarm - By Cecil Fontaine, eHow Contributor
Step 1:Insert the key in the ignition.
Step 2:Turn the key quickly from the "Run" position to the "Off" position five times.
Step 3:Turn the key to the "Start" position and start the car. This should disable the alarm and allow you to start the car again.

reply to Antsyd: We used a portable jump starter by Jump N Carry. We hooked the first red cable to the positive battery terminal and then the other black cable to a non moving metal part. It was a painted part. They say your supposed to hook it to a non moving metal part that was NOT painted. We hooked it up to a painted part anyway because it was difficult to fined a place to grip the cable that wasn't painted. It didn't work. We then hooked the red cable to the positive terminal and the black cable to the negative terminal, which they say you are not supposed to do, but we did it anyway and then started the car and it started immediately. No alarm sound was heard. It worked. There is a small toggle switch that we switched a few years ago in one direction. It keeps a small red light on all the time. We just left it like that from the last time and jump started like that with that small red light on. Hope this helps.
I used this info to fix my 1993 camry. The Battery died, I charged it and then the parking lights,dash lights flashed when I turned key, and no starter engagement. It's been 2 weeks or more, I found a small black push button above the parking brake pedal, and I pushed it. The lights stopped. Genuine progress. I pushed it again with high hopes, and it started right up. I drove it around, and then turned it off, and it started again. Problem solved, thanks to all of you here!
I have a 1994 Toyota Camry LE can you tell me how to enable the car alarm
my email address is
Same issue, unplug battery for about 4 hours, will cause reset. if you have the aftermarket and car from east coast this was recalled as it can give a false open signal to the onboard computer. replacement shockingly expensive so I have learned to live with it.

I did pull the fuse for the car alarm which at least causes less embarrassment when the system goes off. LOL
I had a similar problem with a 95 camry. The doors would sometimes lock themselves and the alarm would go off and not let me start the car. I locked the car with the remote then unlocked it with the remote and it solved all of my problems. Unlocking with the key seemed to set off the alarm.
Hi Bewildered,

I had the same problem a few years back with my '95 Camry. I seem to recall following the instructions at the bottom of this page and they worked (disabled black box under dash by unplugging it). Also, since I could no longer use the "keyless" entry button (which was dying anyway), I just used the key to unlock the car ever since. Everything was working great, that is, until today when my daughter unlocked the car with the key (no alarm went off); but when she was busy putting something in the backseat, the alarm started sounding off and wouldn't stop! She tried starting the car, it wouldn't make the alarm go off, and wouldn't start, either. She called AAA, they were able to come to the rescue: They found the button under the steering console, pressed it three times and then held it in for 10 seconds and then started the car! I couldn't believe the alarm had somehow armed itself like that after I had unplugged the black box. When I get the car back, I'm going to see if someone had plugged it back in. In the meantime, I hope the above "fix" from AAA will help you and others out with your problem! Good luck!
I had this problem, and one of the answers above here worked for me, and the car started fine. Here is a copy-paste of the post that helped me. Thanks.....

"COMMENT by Visitor on November 01, 2010
I'm having the exact same issue today on a 99 toyota camry. Still haven't figured it out...calling the toyota dealership did not help. They said to put key in, press red button to left of steering wheel so that it is in the "out" position, turn key to ACC, hold in red button, turn key to ON, and then the car should start..."
i have a 1995 Toyota camry and we put a new battery in the car and it wont start! nothing will work and kind of makes a ticking sounds for a second when you try to turn it on.
going to try some of the suggestions.. hopefully one works!
Hello, I too am having a similar issue. I have a 1997 Camry factory alarm, and I finally got the car to start, but the alarm indicator is still on. I found out every time I unhook the battery is slightly resets the alarm, but the more I drive wakes the alarm back up. So the indicator goes from dim to bright, then I need a jump. Oh, and there isn't anything to push on/off. I have looked for the toggle switch, and the box... I unplugged every box one by one (except the fuses/plugs directly behind the steering wheel), and the alarm is still activated... Please help.
Hi Dorianna,

I'm not sure if it's different for a 1997 Camry; so I did a search and came up with a page full of videos you can watch to see if any of them are useful:

Really hope something helps, I know how frustrating that is!! Good luck!! :)

1997 Toyota Camry
Made in Japan
Factory alarm
(I was told, for my car to have an alarm is rare they ('97) usually doesn't come with an alarm)

Okay, so I know you think I forgot to come back, but I didn't. The YouTube videos weren't that helpful because I had already looked there for the answer, so I ended up calling the Toyota dealer to get a new key fob to reset the alarm. Well it would have costed $85 for the part and $60 for labor, but I was desperate. What I found out is that my alarm module was malfunctioning because it had gotten wet/ was sitting in water for too long. (Oh, the alarm module is under the drivers sweat; it's a black box with three chunky connectors coming from it.) They told me that my car was too old and they couldn't order the module because it wasn't listed, but the guy also slipped and told me how to reset the alarm!!! How exciting!!! He said that the module has a green button on it (it's really small and looks like it has to be pushed with a ball point pen). But when you push it (maybe hold it), and it should make the alarm indicator light flash. This is to reset the fob and alarm... I never got that far b/c I had to go get a new module. I found a module at the salvage lot and put it on my car today... The alarm indicator went off as soon as it was connected and car runs fine. I am going to wait until the weekend to leave the battery connected, just in case I have to go anywhere (I don't want it to die), but on Monday I will tell you if the module is fully working; it should have reset the alarm and I should be good to go! Then I'm going to get a used key fob (salvage yard $4) and program it by pushing the green button until it flashes. That way I will have a key fob in case the alarm gets triggered again. I hope some of you try it to see if it works on your car. Good luck!
Quick answer: simply by pressing the unlock button on your key remote 'twice..The alarm turns off ,it unlocks the doors (whether locked or not) and car will start...
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