Q: How to diagnose this truck?ITS THROWING ME CURVE BALLS !!!!Computer is no help on 1996 Dodge Dakota

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Codes are PO135 po132 upstream 02&Heated o2, P1391 loss of CMP or CKP, PO443 purge selenoid open or shorted, PO320 No crank sensor ref signal to the PCM.THINGS THAT ARE NEW: plugs&wires -cap & rotor button- distributer&cam sensor - down stream o2 - Crank sensor. Fixed a few vaccum leaks & replaced throttle body gasket.Replaced number 6 injector. Now at an idle #5 cylinder seems 2 be dead?IF YOU SPRAY EITHER LIGHTLY-IT SMOOTHES OUT
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I would pull the connector from the ECM and check for any signs of water intrusion/corrosion. If it keeps acting 'strangely' and throwing random codes like that, I would look into that connection first. the ECM is in a pretty crummy location, especially if your cowl panel to hood seal is damaged or not sealing (water can run right down the firewall to the connector).