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Q: How to confirm if noise is struts? Description doesn't quite match. on 2001 Toyota RAV4

I thought that it was my struts in need of repair, but the description doesn't quite fit. So I used the diagnosis tool about noises, but nothing matched either. I'm fairly certain it's coming from front, but initially thought rear. Basically, creaking noises and definite clunking when on rough road or going over bumps. It's a 2001 Toyota RAV4 with about 150k miles but running strong...thoughts? How can I get a honest diagnosis? If struts, that's a pricey fix.
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Let's start with this > Vehicle is 16 years old (maybe 17 depending on production date) with 150,000 miles on it ... Ever had struts replaced? .. BTW : Strut replacement doesn't have to cost an arm & a leg!
Never replaced as far as I know...purchased vehicle when it was a few years old with 25k miles on it. It's been a great car. How much should I expect to spend to fix...and at this stage and age, is there an option for after market parts?
The noise you have described sure is indicative of worn or damaged struts! .. Google > [2001 RAV4 COMPLETE STRUTS] .. On the results page you'll see 2 new front strut 'assemblies' from eBay for $135.27 with FREE shipping .. Then you can contact that seller about the 2 rear shocks which will be less money. .. Anybody that's wrench savvy can install these parts as they are ready to go right out of the box! .. Recommend wheel alignment after installing.... I have used these on my personal vehicle and have nary a complaint... There is no doubt it needs new struts and shocks at that age and mileage.
Just go to eBay click on the struts then click on > contact seller .. It's just an option for you anyway .. Just figured you had a car savvy buddy around there somewhere that could do the install because it is as simple as falling off a log .. 'You' seemed to be concerned about the replacement cost.. Good luck!
Oh I misunderstood...duh...thought you meant for me to contact who sold me the car years been a long week. I may ask my son if he's willing to give it a shot...thanks for all your input!
The best way to find out what is making the noise is to bring it in to a shop and get professional look at your RAV4. No cost to check it and let you know what it is going to cost. Call for an appointment Monday.
Ok, may do that, thanks. I do have a regular Toyota certified mechanic I use regularly. He seemed to think they were not a safety issue yet...but the clunking really bothers me, and I want to do a road trip in August up to TN. Not sure how he would feel about wrenching eBay purchased struts... And you?
Yes, I will... just have to find the time. (work 2 jobs plus take care of my elderly mom)... my son recommended checking my Hayes Manual to see if shocks need to be compressed... he didn't seem to want to tackle us doing it, regardless. :) But good advice. Nothing I'm going to rush into... plus the budget needs to be able to withstand it. Happy Monday...
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