Q: how to check if timing belt in proper position without complete tear down? on 1996 Acura TL

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car will turn over and has fuel pressure to the rail and spark at the plugs but won't start up. what to check next?
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remove the spark plug from cylinder number one, rotate the engine until the piston is to the top. You can guage this by inserting the tip of a screwdriver in the plug hole. After the piston reaches the top remove the distributor cap and see if the rotor is on the number one spark plug wire on the cap. If it is 180* off rotate the engine until the number one piston goes down and back to the top one time. The rotor should be firing under number one if not the timing is off. If that check out ok do a compression test the engine will not start if the compression is to low either.
thanks for your quick responce.can you give me a idea on how to get distributor cap off cause its right next to firewall,or does it take a special tool? and again thanks for your help. JOE113