Q: How to adjust valve clearance? on 2000 Volvo V70

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There's increased valve tappet noise - and the opinion is that the valve clearance needs adjustment - how is it done and how much should it cost?
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These don't have adjustable valves, they're hydraulic lifters that don't need adjustment.
If they are noisy, you better have the oil pressure checked. It's fairly common for the oil galley o-rings in the oil pan to leak, causing the lifters to clatter and the oil light to come on too. This is an internal leak, you will not see oil leaking onto the ground.
You may also have a sticking or bad lifter as well.
Start with the basics, make sure the oil level and condition is ok, then start checking oil pressure. Also, take it to a shop that KNOWS this doesn't have adjustable valves, I wouldn't let a mechanic who thinks otherwise touch this car.
Good Luck
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