How Points and Badges Work

What are RepairPal Points?

Every day at, we receive car repair questions from people around the country. To acknowledge and reward the community of users who participate in answering these questions, we are introducing RepairPal Points. Below we've included information about the different levels, the point values needed to reach those levels, and a description of how points are accumulated.

How do the Levels work?

In the automotive field, the common progression for automotive technicians is to start out as an Apprentice and work for up to four years learning the necessary skills to become a Journeyman. After another four to six years and with enough training, one can become a Master Technician. We have modeled our levels to mimic this progression.

Badge Level Points Needed
rookie Rookie 0–49
car enthusiast Enthusiast 50–99
apprentice technician Apprentice 100–249
journeyman Journeyman 250–999
master technician Master 1000+

How Do I Accumulate Points?

There are several ways to score RepairPal Points. If you sign up and validate your account, add a photo and some information about yourself, and write a few car reviews, you can accumulate up to 85 points! However, to get to the higher levels, you will need to participate in the Q&A. We will reward users who are the first to answer a question and when the community finds your answers helpful, you will be rewarded even more points.

Actions Points
Create a New RepairPal Account 25
Validate Your New Account via Email 10
Complete Your RepairPal User Profile 25
Create a MyCar Page 10
Submit a New Problem Report 5
Review a Vehicle (Up to 5 Reviews) 5
Be the First to Answer a Question 2
Adding a "Me Too" to an existing Problem Report 2
Answer a Question That Has an Answer 1