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Q: How often should I replace my transmission fluid? on 1999 Honda Accord

Basically I'm just wondering how often I should replace my transmission fluid? My car has ~150,000 miles on it, and the last change was at 100,000.
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To ensure long transmission life I change the oil in my Honda every 30,000 and use the genuine Honda Fluid (which a lot of good auto parts stores carry). Genuine Honda ATF is not very expensive. We service a lot of Honda's and everything I read says their fluid has special additives not found in other after market oils. These transmissions are very easy to change the transmission oil, drive the car, get the oil hot, Switch off the engine drain the oil, refill with fresh oil and check the level of the fluid with the engine off and the car on levl ground. Drive the car again engaging all the gears, and recheck the oil level again.
If you change the oil yourself, you'll only be able to drain like 4 quarts or so. Your transmission contains about a total of 14 quarts. Its best to take it to a transmission shop.
The 98/99 Accord with the V6 has a transmission capacity of 3.1 quarts. There is a drain plug on the bottom of the transmission case You'll get 2 3/4 quarts by draining from the plug. Its difficult to get the rest of the fluid out. Its in the torque converter. Just draining from the drain plug gets 85 to 90% out. Put back with new what was drained.
hello, sorry for interrupting but i need help too. i just bought a 1995 honda accord dx and it was running just fine but it started acting weird since yesterday. when i turn the car on and i put D gear,my car pulls harder than what it used to. i checked the transmission fluid and it was ok, the engine oil too.. what could it be? it only does that on D gear but not on P,R,N. i hope you can help me. thank u very much..please answer me as soon as possible.. my email is sorry i forgot my password and user name from here and i can't log in.
The best bet is to follow the change interval described in your owner's manual. Many transmissions now use a longer-life fluid and have relatively infrequent interval recommendations. 30,000 miles used to be a good rule of thumb, and it can't hurt to change it sooner than recommended. If you haven't changed the fluid in 50,000 miles, you may well be due. Check your owner's manual or call a Honda dealership.
Anonymous, visit a shop for help. The problems you are experiencing could be for a number of reasons, and you need a good diagnostician to figure it out.
Well i own an accord im in the UK so mine is a 1.8 auto plus i have tec tronic shift as well ,these transmissions suffer a design fault in valve body and on one of the valves, there are aftermarket valves that can be bought to cure this, but then we have the sealed for life part where the screen filters are locked away inside the trans and cant be cleaned or changed unless you take the trans out and strip it down , so we come to the fluid change well if the trans is in good shape with no faults i would be changing the fluid before 30,000 , some people say buy 3 lots of fluid and do it 3 times ,truth is its not going to flush out the debris from the clutches and or bands that get trapped in the converter and the valve body , most people advise to just drain it , but in my case i saw the problems associated with this trans ,so i lifted the the front up drained it and started the engine and put it through all of the gears , then i put the drain plug in and then put 2 ltrs of white spirit in and started the engine and put it through all of the gears again and then drained it into a new container ,started engine up and did the gears again ,the white spirit flushes all of debris and cleans the crap off the internal filter screens and the maze of fluid ways i set the car up to drain as much as it could out , so i bought the DW 1 put the drain plug back in filled with fluid with the car on the level went for a short drive came back and checked the level again , my car has 70,000 on the clock and the trans is in good shape , i did do a stall test on it prior to buying it , i will flush and change the fluid again in about 20,000 ,mine drives as it should ,from cold i can feel 1st to 2nd but then i can barly feel the rest it drives really smooth with no noises or problems and i plan to keep it that way !

WARNING if you have a high mileage vehicle and the fluid has not been changed, by flushing it you be in a world of trouble as on high milers its the debris that is holding the pressure up ,hence the old saying if it aint broke dont fix it !
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