Q: How often does the timing belt need to be replaced? on 2011 Volkswagen Jetta

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Considering buying a Jetta Diesel. Want a fuel efficient car.
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According to our records the timing belt under normal driving conditions is required to be replaced every 130,000 miles.

The maintenance intervals that are listed under Normal Service are designed by the vehicle manufacturer to meet the needs of the "Average" motorist.Since maintenance intervals are affected by climate and operating conditions, customers who operate their vehicles under more arduous conditions, or who's driving habits are markedly different from the "Average" motorist should have a more personalized service program developed for them. This will ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of their vehicle.Because this manufacturer does not specify a Severe Service Interval, the determination of the proper maintenance interval should be left to the good judgement of the vehicle owner and the advice of an authorized service center.Conditions that will change the frequency and compostion of Normal Service: - Operating in dusty, wet or muddy terrain - Frequent driving in dense city stop and go traffic - Repeated short trip operation without sufficient engine warm up - Ambient temperature extremes - Operating in mountainous/high altitude areas - Trailer towingNOTE: Low mileage vehicles should be maintained at least once a year.