Q: How much would it cost to fix my a/c? on 2000 Nissan Maxima

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My a/c doesn't work well everytime i recharge it, it will only last a few days and stops working. I thinks there is a leak somewhere. also it works on the highest setting only. the low settings don't work. How much would it cost to repair this and whats wrong with it.
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Air conditioning works on high pressure only a small leak quickly causes a drop in pressure. It is often hard to locate air conditioning refrigerant leaks. There is a refrigerant that has dye in it that helps locate a leak. After recharging the air conditioning with the dye if the system leaks it leaves a stain to help locate the source of the leak. An electronic "sniffer" can also be used to locate leaks, it acts like a geiger counter as you come closer to the area of the leak the "sniffer" beeps loudly.In either either case the system will need to be evacuated have the leak repaired and recharged with refrigerant and the proper lubricant or the system may soon loose its refrigerant charge again. The cost to repair is totally dependent on what has caused your air conditioning system to fail and whether the compressor or air drier needs to changed.
Maybe you can help me as I have 2000 Pontiac Montana and the AC had a leak somewhere and I stupidly put some stop leak in it and I think it has gummed up my system entirely. A shop says I need a new AC. What components do I need to change to get this taken care of: Condensor? Accumulator/Dryer? Expansion Device? I think that the clutch still works. Any way to salvage this?