Q: How much will it cost to repair front end damage on a 2009 Lexus IS 250 on 2009 Lexus IS250

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salvage title. envolved in a car accident.
(2) Answers
Hard to say it all depends on how much damage was done and what all needs to be replaced and who's doing the work best advice I can give is to shop around & get estimates.
It depends what actually was damaged, if it was just the front bumper itself than its shouldnt be to much. but if where talking about broken headlights and smashed grill and fenders then your mostly looking at around 7 to 10 grand ball park just for the parts. i have 01 lexus that was in an accident and both headlihgts where damaged and i got new ones at the dealer which cost 4000 dollars for both of them, luckily the insurance covered it. so it can get really expensive not just for the labor but the parts alone. alot of the aftermarked parts for lexus are not that great and they dont fit right and you have to make alot of adjustment and sometimes they dont even fit at all. so you have to basically use the original parts.