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Q: How much will it cost me to rewire my entire Jeep? on 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I called the Jeep dealership to get this question answered but they wanted a very large amount just to look at my Jeep.
I own a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee (My daughter drives it), 180000 miles, lifted 3 inches, I think). It WAS in great condition until my daughter broke up with her boyfriend and he vandalized it. He yanked out the head unit and cut all of the wires to get it out (the head unit). He also cut the wires to the power windows, none of them work. I still have headlights.
I took it to my garage and they said they could not give me an estimate because the wires had been cut in 24 different places in the vehicle and the repair was something they could not do.
Can someone please help me price out a TOTAL rewiring of the sound system throught the Jeep, (including to the speakers)?
Also the head unit panel was snapped in half to come off. How much to replace that particular piece? (The big plastic piece that covers the radio, heat, dashboard, etc.)
The entire drivers side interior door panel is missing and the plastic cover that covers the window, and lock/unlock buttons is broken off. How much for that?
The over head interior light is missing (and cut). Its the light that turns on when you open the door to get in). How much will that be?
And finally, (And I am not sure why exactly) but the fabric that would typically cover the entire ceiling was torn off. How much would it cost for me to fix that part?

I am so sorry for asking so many questions.
I have 7 children and cannot afford to pay several hundred dollars to get an estimate.
Yes, he did it in front of the entire staff at the service station. Yes, I did file a police report, and yes, I will make him repay me, but before I even put this in for repair, I kind of need to know what I am dealing with here.

Thank you sooooooo much for your time!!!
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first of all it will cost you for a real estimate as we can not see the damage, the shops will. a fair price is about 1 hour in labor. as i live in harrisburg, it should be around 95.

wire harness, inside complete and front harness are about 1200. labor is going to be around 12-14 hours at 95-105 per hour. the dash assembly used is about 250. labor is about 3 hours. we have no clue on the radio and speakers but you need to find a similar replacement for that estimate.
the dome light is about 25 used and 1 hour labor. the head liner is about a 300 repair.

even if you have to sue him, the judge will award you the value of the car only. it is a shame but it will be really hard to recover this repair.

Sir, thank you very much for your reply.
For someone such as myself who knows nothing about cars, you have given me a world of information!!
Have a great day!!
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The value unfortunately of the 1995 Jeep may not be worth the extensive labor involved. Can you file a police report and then take it up with your insurance company, irregardless if he gets prosecuted the insurance company may pay out on the vehicle as theft damage to property.
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