How much will it cost me to replace a tie rod on the front end of my car?
on 1998 Plymouth Breeze

I have a 1998 Plymouth breeze espresso. It is making a popping sound on my right passenger side in the front. I was told by a couple of people that its my tie rod. Can anyone tell me how much it will cost me to get it fixed.

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Bad sway bar link is my guess. Not hard for a shop to confirm. Not real expensive either.
I took it to Mr Tire auto shop. They said I needed new struts, new tie rod, an alignment check and 3 new tires. I could afford to pay them $1200 to get all that done. So they put new tie rods on did an alignment check and put 1 tire on and it only cost me $284. Not bad but thank you for the comment :)
Was the noise problem fixed?
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Does it do it only when turning sharp left or right? If so then axle cv joint most likely suspect! Tie rod should have play when shaking tire left and right with front end jacked up. Get a repair shop to check it out.
it pops when i make a right turn and when i go over small or big bumps. right now i have it in the auto shop. so hopfully they can find out what the problem is. and thank you :)
seek insp from frt end shop
thanks. i just took it to the shop about 20 mins ago. hopfully they can tell me what the problem is.
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