Q: How much will it be to repair/replace the pcm on my truck? and also, how long? on 2002 Ford Ranger

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Also, how long will it take for the part to come in?
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most dealerships stock them and if not can get them overnight.
the pcm is about 300
flashing is about 150-175
labor is 1 hour
then you need to find out why it failed. if you dont, the new one may fail as well.
did you get it confirmed by a real shop with a real diag that you need a pcm??

yes. I Got a diagnosis from Good year several weeks ago, and they told me they don't do such repairs. They replaced my spark plugs( they thought that was the problem), but turned out not all of them were firing, therefore they concluded it was the PCM. so I took it down to another repair shop(its still there) going, on the 2nd week now, because they said they had to order the PCM thru the dealer only. Anyways, the part came in to the dealer last friday(so I was told), but was not delivered to the shop yet. Yesterday when I spoke to the repair guy, he told me that if its not delivered to them today, he will go down to the dealer to pick it up.
I am being charged $1225. Is that about right?
1225 sounds very high. why did they not go get it friday?? it all sounds fishy. the price is high even for a dealer.