Q: how much will cost to fix rear differential seal on 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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How much will cost to fix rear differential seal
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Pinion seal replacement my labor guide shows .7 hours labor to replace. seal is probably $12 plus oil $10.
seal costs approx. 16 to 20 dollars
DIY -- undo rear u joint and support drive shaft
-- undo pinion yoke nut (now that you can see it)
-- tap on yoke to remove it from differential
-- pry out (carefully) old seal
-- tap in new seal (keeping it square to the hole - no deflection)
-- place yoke back in the differential - tighten yoke nut (do not over tighten)
-- place u joint in position and do up the clips with the 4 nuts you took off
-- fill up differential by removing the rubber plug at the rear cover and fill with
-- 80W90 gear oil until it flows out the fill hole - put plug back in

you can have a shop do it for 1 hour of labour but be certain that you trust their work
overtightening the yoke can further crush the crush spacer installed at the factory and will cause to much load on the pinion bearing and a much more expensive repair