Q: How much to replave vacuum modulator and does Ford have to do it? on 2006 Ford Taurus

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Making a noise and shhifting hard in 2nd.
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No vacuum modulator on this transmission. It is instead electronically controlled.

I strongly recommend a good electronic transmission diagnosis - this will help determine if your problem is electrical and can be fixed without too much trouble, or if it is an internal mechanical concern.
It's not burning transmission fluid, I put Lucas in it but haven't really run it enough to go
through, any ideas I am leaving for Wisconsin Tuesday, would like to go up there and have it fixed if possible. Just wondering what you think about it making it.
Goodness, it's difficult to say how your transmission will do on your long road trip without performing a diagnosis.

For sure, make sure your fluid is clean and full...and maybe even have someone local give it a once over.
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