Q: how much to replace the instrument cluster on my car on 2005 Buick LeSabre

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body control module is good but cluster is not reading correct
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Depending on where you have it done, usually with a rebuilt cluster, $450 - $550. Some shops can repair the clusters if they have the knowledge and parts.
if it is not reading that is one thing, not reading correct, well that is another. if it is not reading correct, the needles can be adjusted, it's fairly quick and easy. if it is not working at all, then cost wise will be less to repair your vehicle cluster then to replace the cluster.
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Do you know how to replace the stepper motors ? That would be more of a proper fix then. Trying to rigg the needles.
I have replaced over 1000 stepper motors, that is why I know the needles can be adjusted. for all I know, someone else changed the stepper motors in that cluster and didn't put the needles in the correct position when they changed them. that is why there is nothing wrong with moving the needles to the correct position, as opposed to changing the stepper motors.
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