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Q: How much to replace the ignition that the key goes in. on 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

How much does it cost to replace the ignition system in the car
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If your key is binding when trying to start your x-fire then it's the steering lock cylinder housing, ($350.00 to $430.00 plus labor) It's not your key or the ignition tumbler. Common problem with the X-Fires.

Chrysler Crossfire Technician
Lock cylinder housing can be fixed by a professional lock smith for approx $100.00 no parts just labor. There is a piece in the housing that can be drilled out and you will never have any more issues with key not turning.Key lock Housing is made by Mercedes-Benz, must have been a test and tune part for one of mercedes expensive cars.
Is there a certain part he needs to remove or will the locksmith know what exactly needs to be removed so it can work?
The book time to replace the ignition lock cylinder is about 3/4 of an hour and it looks like the ignition switch is a dealer only item
2005 crossfire Greensboro nc Dealer, said $1400 and it will take 3 days. just to replace the ignition lock even thow the key will go in but will not unlock steering wheel. Not affordable with monthly payment.That should be recalled, manufacure defect.Normal like is 10-12 years, not freakn 4.5. Elward Melvin here!
Having the same problem with our 2004 Crossfire the key won't turn in the ignition. How can we get them to recall this. Do they have a web site so we can all complain?
I had the same problem last month key goes in but will not all the way in the ignition to stat the car, had the switch replaced and they also had to reprogram the computer to be able to unlock with the remote and reset the securith system. It cost me $1253.00 I have been told that this is happening a lot and is contributed to a poor design problem and the should have a recall on all cars that use this KEY switch mechanism.

jeff in taylor texas... this is a very common problem with all the crossfire and MB with the same ignition switch. I looked online and found a fix..cost me exactly NOTHING..just about 3 hours work. Its not hard, so special tools needed. BUT there are lots of little hidden things to find. In the end you have the switch in your hand and open it up and take out the offending part. its 10000% NOT NEEDED..when i gook the single part out. My alarm works perfect..the wheel still locks like its supposed to. There is truely nothing different about it other than the damn key actualy works like its supposed to. Yea, dont take it to a MB or chrysler dealer. Get someone on your street to give a hand and print out the instructions from the net. God bless ya and never believe a mechanic that wants to make so true in life.
im having the same problem in a 04 crossfire. if sumone can call me and let me know how do solve this problem it would be very appreciated. thanx (209)722-9707
Sounds like, Everyone will have this problem, eventually. I'm having it now as we speak. Jeff in Taylor, Texas needs to get back on line and let us know what web-site he pulled instructions from so we can all fix the F up and let our beloved Crossfires run the way we want them too. Come on Jeff. . . don't leave us hanging. If You got the majic answer then please share it. I await your response.
The instructions are on Crossfire Forum . org

Do a search on ignition switch repair. It's doable by almost anyone on their own, or take the instructions to a shop and have them perform the fix. No new parts necessary. It's a bad design -- with result being the damn thing wears out and prevents the key from turning. I have an 04 Crossfire and I'm hoping not to have the issue but I will likely do the repair as preventative at some point. I just hope I don't wait too long.........
Hi Jeff in Taylor Texas, my name is Carol...Please help out a fellow Texas Gal from California...seems your solution to the ignition key issue on the Crossfire is the best. I cant afford to pay a mechanic and especially the Dealership etc. Can I trouble you to share the exact info on how to do this with me to my email address? I attempted to look up on yet there are many listed and difficult to find your answer suggestion. HELP. Can you send me an email to with the actual answer page/link etc its on or the actual instructions would be much much appreciated. Please Help!
Kevin from NY - I believe that the attached is the repair that you all may be looking for with regard to the problem with the XFire steering wheel lock/ignition switch.
It cost me approx $2500.00. That was about 1 year ago and now the same problem seems to be taking place. Crossfire Tech - Are u near the Atlanta area?
Same thing happened to me and it was $2100. Very frustrating. Also, $1,000 for security problems. Car wouldn't go into second gear and would cut off doing 75 MPH. Headlights have never worked properly and now they are fogged over. I really liked the car in the beginning- not so much anymore:(
It cost me two trips to the dealership and $500.00. They kept my crossfire probably three weeks the first time and a week the second time. They did not charge me for the second visit.
Kevin from NY - I believe that the attached is the repair that you all may be looking for with regard to the problem with the XFire steering wheel lock/ignition switch.
Cost around 1700 for the parts and labor and 2000 depending on the keys the car has dissapointed me its a 2004
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