Q: How much to replace crankshaft damper pulley on 1995 Nissan Maxima

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I replaced the serpertine belt but when I cranked the car up there was a grinding noise and belt came off again at the crankshaft damper pulley. What would the average price be to replace the crankshaft damper pulley
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$283.15 as of 11/27/2009 Mine is going out after 195,000 miles second part only that I had to change out besides a starter... what a car.. the pulley I"m told is made of two pieces or separated by rubber... the rubber tends to dry rot.. after exposed to oil from the engine..
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Ensure that the serpentine belt idler bearing didn't seize. Remove the drive belts, ensure all pulleys and idlers turn freely. If it is indeed the crankshaft pulley that needs to be replaced the crankshaft pulley bolt needs to be removed and the pulley needs to be withdrawn using a puller that uses two bolts that screw into crankshaft pulley hub.
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Forgot pulley from the dealer may be $250 to $300, a company called Dormin probably has the pulley available aftermarket.
Labor about 1.3 to 1.5 hour
Do you know which direction the crankshaft centerbolt turns to unscrew? clockwise, counterclockwise?
hey my cusin is trying to take off the bolts blocking the pully that is not spinning messing up the alternator ,crak shaft pully or what ever yal want to call it?They tried to with wrenches sprays,electric tools how can he take it off right not wetback way either that's how it broke last time because they want to be welders
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