Q: how much to replace a timing belt on a honda accord on 2007 Honda Accord

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how much to replace the timing belt on a honda accord labor and material
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An added note: many repair shops offer "specials" for this highly shopped around repair. It's a good idea to check with a few places you are considering to see if they have a "deal".

For example, the Honda dealership service department I ran always offered the timing belt package for $899.95 on a V6, but we always had a $50 off coupon on our web site. And we weren't the only ones doing it!
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Shops in my area of California charge 5.5 hours labor and replace water pump, tensioners an oil seals at the same time. Ends up near $850 to $950 to do a comprehensive belt ,seals, tensioner and water pump replacement.
Go to estimator link at repair pal homepage and look it up for your area. Keep in mind that water pump should likely be replaced if is same age as belt, drive belts on outside should be replaced as well if same age, seals in behind timing belt cogs while apart and any trnsioners and idler pulleys while in there.