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Q: How much time does it take to change head gasket in 02 dodge neon
on 2002 Dodge Neon

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Just need to know how much time it will take me to change it
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Don't know your ability level or tool access. Here's a procedure for it, read it and determine for yourself if you want to tackle it. Probably several hours:
You think you can do it in several hours? SERIOUS? Maybe your definition of "several" is like what? twelve or more? I doubt you could do it in a 24 hour span even if you needed the head "cleaned".
You can do it in SIX hours? You GUARANTEE that? Okay, let someone know they can pick it up before you close your shop if they drop it off first thing in the morning. Or maybe you don't have a mech.
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Pardon yourself, I know you did not comprehend the think you answered correctly? You did not even READ the question! Mmckellips asked how long it would take, NOT how much to charge! LIE to your customers and tell them "it only takes six hours"? Then find some lame excuses BEFORE or AFTER they realize it won't be ready today or tomorrow even? Get yourself some glasses for Christmas Mr. Helper.
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Pardon yourself...again...maybe you don't even comprehend YOUR own answers..."THE BOOK CALLS FOR SIX HRS AND THATS WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO CHARGE IN HRS." is what you quoted in your reply. Heck, I bet even YOU or YOUR MECH could not do it in the 10 hours you are promising.
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wow really dude you want to argue about me trying to answr someones question. i refuse to argue with an unarmed person
Then DON'T argue with one...especially if you are wrong...and making hollow threats like this on a public website.
I wonder if 'your.mechanic' is for real? After reading all the bickering it's funny!!! I just did a head gasket on a PT cruiser which isn't much different (oh and I did it in her garage , not backyard) and it only took 6&1/2 hours , including new water pump , seals and t-belt w/tensioner. Didn't need machine shop cause it was external oil leak issue , not overheating problem. Add 1 hour for the 50 mile test 'cruise' I did. BUT That's only because I'm familiar with that engine (and her car- been maintaining it for about 7 years now) SO yes with the proper tools and info , not including down-time for machine shop , 10 hours is probably about right for a novice with good tools and the ability to follow instructions. Gotta admit .......your.mechanics' arrogance is very entertaining I love that 'profile'!!!!!!!!!..............never mind ........gotta go rotate the air in my head!!! jelly..............................
I AGREE WITH NEVER MIND! I LIKE GREEN JELLY TOO. Knew this was coming! Arrogance, that is being kind!
I don't know what is up with you guys, do you guys REALLY tell your own customers it only takes 6.5-7 hours? and make up excuses later when it actually takes longer? or are you HYPOCRITES and tell your own customers it really takes a couple of days or so? And about being arrogant, it's hard to hold back when I am correcting your wrong answers. If you decide on being antagonistic, at least get your facts right before picking on a little guy.
Give up while your ahead , no wait , then I might not have as much to laugh at. YOU say you are a certified something........Well uhm the flat-rate labor times are for estimating purposes and are based on AVERAGES. Uhm that means some of us get the job done quicker and some of us slower ......uhm ...average....If you were familiar with the neon then you'd know , with the right tools , getting the mounts , crank pulley and t-belt off is maybe 45 minutes (on a lift , not in a driveway). It's cleaning and putting things back together that takes most of the time , and that's where the difference in quality of work shows up--a year or two later , sometimes. But yeah dude........stop sniffing tailpipes......go home rover...........
We all can go on and on...but the point is this persons question is "How much time does it take to change head gasket on a 02 Dodge Neon". He did not ask HOW FAST? or HOW MUCH?! I gave him the FACTS, it WILL be one day IF the rebuilt/new head is in hand. I will not AGGRAVATE the customer LIKE YOU GUYS by saying it's only several hours...then while doing the job you tell them it will take another day to get the head back from the machine shop! Oh...Never mind...I know you guys enjoy bragging to your customers how fast you can do a job AND how you can beat the book. THEN you like to continue updating them with every additional delay and expense you "forgot". .....Yeah duds, continue with that green stuff....and good'll need it.
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whrn i quote a job of this nature i tell my cust it will cost approx approx 1000.00 to replace head gasket and will take 3 to 5 days to complete the job if there is no machine work required. this guy ask how long it would take for him to do the job. you know my answer but i don't know if he is going to work on it 1 hr per day for 10 days or is he going to do it all in one day.i just told him the answer to what he asked. i don't believe anyone was yell him lies. so lets all move on. good night
Greg, I am so mistaken about you...I was somehow convinced that you told your customers it took six hours! And guess they would not argue with someone who was "apparently armed". But YOU read wrong and thought the question was "how much the book said to charge in hours?" As I previously stated, we can't be telling people it takes several hours to do a job of this nature, it will be too stressful! (I would bet even YOUR mechanic would think you are nuts! ask him!) We could say that BUT we would have to explain that is "HANDS-ON" time. You are indeed correct about 3-5 days so you allow your technician to perform quality work and not feel rushed, at the same time, the customer can appreciate that you took the time to do their job and getting their moneys worth. We all know it does take six hours to do this (without including cleaning the block, chasing the threads, removing old gasket remnants, properly filling the coolant, making sure fans reach operating temperature and re-checking the work and test driving...and without the turn-around time from a machine shop) I think if someone has to ask how long it would take for them to do this specific kind of job...then they can't. And unless they had someone coaching them, it would be a project!
What was the answer again, i forgot. It's all good! If everyone thought the same way
nothing would ever get fixed! I think all of the techs. here have something to contribute
even if we do respectfully disagree.
"good save"!!!??? and YOU STILL disagree!!!???...I can forgive mistakes, I can teach clueless, BUT I CANNOT FIX STUPID!
THAT IS OBVIOUS!! Stop doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.
For who? You? a backyard mechanic? or a auto repair shop with access to a machine shop? or new/rebuilt heads ready to install? It could take one day to several days...weeks even.
He is asking for head gasket assistance. Not a lecture on the possibility of replacing the heads too. Answer his question...with a question? Gee that's helpful! The hope here is that the heads can be cleaned and returned to service not replaced.
Thank you, and your answers are amateurish and essentially useless! We all know you are LYING about doing a head gasket job in SIX and a HALF hours.(Unless you use some mystery fluid we don't know) I already called your bluff! What you interpet in a flat rate guide is NOT what you tell a customer how long it takes! I KNOW you love to communicate with your customers why it is taking so much longer. Oh never mind...continue doing what you are're doing GREAT!...just ask your old lady.
Several hours simply means "start at 7 and expect 7 or more hours of actual work". My defintiion of backyard mechanic: I no longer work as a mechanic but, If I know you, bring your vechicle over to my heated pole barn in the "backyard". I will throw it on the lift bust out all my old tools and get to work! Lol! Enjoy the holidays. bak 30 means : Last name csuBAK and I was still in my 30's as of age when I started on this website.
this guy asking for help and you guys arguing about ur answers ? and reading it mech dude was right in all he said
i would tell a cust 2 days 6 hrs job calls for but after finishing i would test drive etc .
if a issue arose i would then check things out
if the head has to be sent out etc then add 1 day 250.00 or so so
all his answers are right on the money you are taking them out of order and out of context.
i know i am late to the party but i hope you see this
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