Q: How much should it cost to replace all 4 brake pads and resurface all 4 rotors? on 2008 GMC Acadia

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I picked up my Acadia today and they found, after 25000 miles, that it needed new front brake pads and the rears were close. They charged me 85.90 for each set of pads, which sound right...but a total of 420.00 for labor...2 hours each end....Does that sound like too much? 4 hours to replace brakes at a GMC dealer????
(3) Answers
Have a look at the RepairPrice Estimator for these estimates:
A set of front brake pads plus resurfacing the rotors cost me around $100 and I installed them myself. It took about an hour and a half. DEaler is ripping you off.
GM should have been let alone and gone bankrupt. The company tries to worm
it way out of making repairs under warranty. Mike
I have 47,000 miles and its the same cost. I felt the brakes going a bit. I am traveling 1000 this week and the man told me I need new brakes and rotors and it would be done on road if not today.
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