How much should it cost to replace a timing belt and water pump? on 2001 Saturn LW300

My car is losing complete power at random times while I am driving. I had one repair shop replace a sensor, which seemed to have solved the problem, but now the problem is back after 2 weeks. I have another shop telling me that I need a new waterpump and timing belt.

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3.5 hours to replace timing belt and about 89 for belt.
water is a 1.5 hour add on to the timing belt. pump is about 60
thermostat is 45 with 3.8 hours in labor as the intake manifold has to be removed.
add a flush for about 89

Thanks! Would $1000.00 be a good estimate?
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Would the timing belt cause the power reduction in the car, because I had the water pump replaced and I am still having the same problem (lost of complete power)????