Q: How much should it cost to rebuild the transmission? Is the muffler affected? on 1995 Ford Windstar

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Hello, I had the transmission repaired on my Aunts van. After the repair, the air conditioner stopped working and the van is extremely loud, like the muffler is broken or something. Is the muffler and air condition affected when repairing the transmission? Also, can you tell me what it should have cost to fix the transmission? This was done as a side job by a guy I do not know and he charged almost $3000 and won't give us an itemized receipt on parts and labor. I think we were scammed. Thanks for any help, Kylene
(1) Answer
should have shopped around before he did it. there is no warranty.
yes, the exhaust is part of the job.
no, the ac is not part of the job.
a shop would have done it for about 2200-2500 with a 6 month 12,0000 mile warranty.

You were not scammed, just overcharged.