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Q: how much should it cost to get a new muffler and exhaust pipe replaced? on 2000 Nissan Altima

i went to a shop and they are trying to charge me $800, i think it's because i'm a woman. what do you think?
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Do you have the break down between parts and labor? And can you list all the parts they are recommending?
These part prices are quite high, the labor prices are reasonable, and I don't know what the $39.00 shop supply fee is for? In California they passed a law requiring shops to itemize all the parts, because they found shops charging every customer these "shop supply fees" whether they used any additional supplies or not.

You should consider taking it to another shop, you can find one here in our directory: There are a few in your area that our users have rated which may help.

The prices I have for the muffler and exhaust pipe are dealer prices and they are below the prices you list. Is this a dealership? Or are they using some high performance exhaust system?
Sounds like your making all the right moves, good work. Please be sure to review both shops so others will know of your experiences with them, good luck Sulena!
Hey Sulena,
I don't care much for welding the exhaust components together for a few reasons.
1. It makes it difficult to replace one part later if needed, because they are all welded together
2. The exhaust system is more prone to mis-alignment, and it is very tough to adjust if it is rubbing or hitting on something
3. I like to use parts that are made the vehicle, welded in parts are generic parts that are not specific to your vehicle

I live in California where rust and corrosion is not much of an issue, so the methods used to repair or replace things like an exhaust system will vary depending on where you live and the conditions.

I think your uncle is right, get another estimate and see what they advise, take all the info you have and make the decision that you feel good about.

Your friends mechanic sounds like the best deal, and with a warranty. Good Luck and don't forget to review the mechanic! Take care, Bret
Hey Sulena,
Good to hear back from you. I'm glad you got the whole exhaust thing worked out, and for a good deal too! Hope you and your car are both running good!

Kamikazi, I prefer not to weld the exhaust, but it depends on the vehicle. It's a much less expensive way to go and not as good quality.

okay, break down: muffler $287.99 Exhaust pipe $ 308.99 Clamps $9.70 Gasket $15.99 Exhaust hardware $ 5.95 Muffler labor $95.00 shop supply fee $ 39.00 sales tax $ 45.76 !!!
thanks, these prices are crazy! the place i went to is Monroe muffler/brake & service. it's just a auto shop out here. i called a menike and he said that the price was really high too, so i'm going by today so he can check it out. he said he can bet on it that the price won't be close to that
so,Bret Bodas how ya doin? I got a new estimate that's way better than the $808 from the first place. I went to Meineke in new britain,and there estimate is $564. Instead of buying all the parts this guy said he is gonna make the parts i need by welding them, is this better? He said this will save me alot of money by doing it that way. My uncle wants me to check out one more place before i settle.
i'm so confused!! ahh, i wish you were here to help me, lol!! you've been awesome, i kinda thought that welding may be a little problem so i wanted to ask you first. i will let you know what i decide.
hey bret, okay, so here's what i decided. My friend at work gave me her mechanic's number. He gave me an estimate of $ 708 not welding. But my friend brought something to my attention, she asked how long was i thinking about keeping the car and i said not long, i have like 2 years until i pay it all off. So she said why don't i go with the welding guy because it's the cheapest and i won't have the car for long so why spend more on it, right. So, this guy is giving me a 1 year warranty on the exhaust pipe, lifetime on the muffler, and 1 year on the hanger. He is also fixing the flex pipe which the other place didn't even mention. So i figure if anything goes wrong, i can take it back to him and he'll fix it cause he built it. What do you think?
Don't feel bad, I was charged about $625 to replace the muffler system from the motor to the back of the car when it broke free from the motor and I am a guy. A lot of the parts for the car where discontinued. The car was a 1995 Pontiac Sunfie.
Where do you guys shop? I can't believe what you're willing to pay for such a basic repair. You can buy the parts online for a lot cheaper than anyone is telling you here (I know the original post is years old...just saying). Good online, get the parts yourself, and save a fortune. This repair is just a simple bolt-on job.
I think that is way to much! You should find someone else that is cheaper i know there is cheaper places. Always get more than one place to give you prices and break downs. Lot of places will take of advantage because your a woman
sorry this isn't an answer, its a request, to bret, please help the MK-1 get well, its been sitting forever, i have a post at the Ford Probe '94 Q&A section. sounds like Sulena has a good deal with the exhaust systems though, i was wondering as well, is welding really better than the, uh, conventional method?
Hey, bret how's it going? well i got my muffler fixed from my uncle's friend, he said i didn't have to replace the whole exhaust system, he said they were trying to play me, so i ended up paying like $280 for him to replace muffler, hangers, and flex pipe. I'm so glad he's my uncle's friend i saved a ton of money!
What is wrong with you people! I don't where you live or what country your from, but in Canada...that job is only like $180.00...all of you were ripped off!
lol...I agree! I live in Maryland, and my cost...less than 150 & I'm a woman:) Sis needs to either get a guy to get a quote or go to some multicultural shops!
for just the cats on my 97 ford f150 its over 800 bucks.....but im wondering how much it might cost for a shop to run my tail pips...just coming from my dual outlet exhaust straight back and out under my bumper
I own a muffler shop in Blount County Alabama and you guys are getting ripped off there is no way you should have to pay $800 for any kind of Muffler work 250 at the most and that's the cut it off at the header and run duals all the way out the back. and I would add some flow Masters in on that price just for the hell of it
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