Q: How ,much should a Valve cover gasket Set Cost to be installed? on 1999 Infiniti I30

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I went back to Tires plus where they had done my brakes and 2 new tires, and just this month a oil change and new alternator belt for 107.00.
I was told I needed a new Valve cover gasket replacement and a new tire that I had not replaced yet, as well as a new battery and a O ring Camshaft sensor. The estimate was 749.00 I feel like that was way to high, So I called a local shop here and they wanted 325.00 to replace the Valve cover gaskets,Tires Plus was 423.76 which was the highest price I was quoted.
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Get a second opinion, it sounds like this tire place is looking for anything that they can sell. Do you have oil leaking on to the ground? why did they say to do the valve cover gaskets?

here are some other shops to consider:
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