Q: How much should a timing belt replacement cost at the dealership? on 2005 Hyundai XG350

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I don't drive that much and every year I have the car winterized, tell them to let me know what needs to be done. They have only looked at the mileage not the age of the car and this year hit me with over $1000 for repairs. I have put off replacing the timing belt as I drive less in the winter but I would like to know what to expect this spring.
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Labor time is 4.5 hours which comes to $450 labor and the belt goes for about $100 so your looking at around $550 if they only do the belt which will probably never happen because they are going to want to replce the tensioner and the idler pully which is necessary as well. So your probably looking in the ballpark of a little under $700 unless of coarse they find the water pump is leaking then that will be more.
Thank you very much. They have quoted around $550 but there are other things that have never been replaced so I'm sure it will be more, but I'm relieved they are right on the money.