Q: How much is or about how much is a Tune-up? on 1998 Chevrolet Blazer

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How much is a Tune-up? What's a reasonable price to pay?
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Ask 10 different shops and get 10 different answers! Hard to say, really depends if it needs a major tune up ro a minor one! Some shops are better equipped than others and can do more for the vehicle. Check around and compare prices for the same amount of work. IF you are not having a specific problem then i suggest distributor rotor, cap, plug wires, plugs and fuel system service, using ACDelco parts! However it is hard to give you a price as i will not be doing the work. I am sure someone will quote you a price but it may or may not reflect what it will actually cost you in GA.! But down there it will be an honest and fair southern price i'm sure, proud to be from these parts myself.