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Q: How much for a valve job on our 2004 Mustang GT- How long does it take? on 2004 Ford Mustang

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I was quoted 3000. and two weeks? OMG! Really?
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3k is not that far off depending on motor size,if you have a v6 its slightly lower.i would tell my cust 5 to 7 working days depending on machine work.
Greg the price and time frame is really not the issue as much as an improper diagnosis.
Thank you everyone for taking the time to care about another person's problem... Just wanted to say that since this is the first time I have posted to anything like this- and so appreciate everyone's "car smarts" since for many of us ,that work in other areas (medical), we are left to the mercy of people we think we can trust...I mean I would never think of taking advantage of another person's weakness... it is sad... So a huge thank you for all of you that take the time to care!
Not enough info, like engine size.
Get another estimate. Sounds like the shop you took it to doesn't want to work on it. Have you ever seen that comercial that says I have my best mechanic working on your car. Then they show mechanics sitting on your car. That would explain the two weeks.
The car is 9 years old. Do you really love this car?
Hee hee...yeah- I have seen that commercial... I was thinking they thought I came up with the 1000 I just paid them a week before for the clutch job a little too fast... I took to another place this morning and they said no valve job needed... So i'm marking this other place off my "take to" list... thanks for reply!
Don't just put that shop on your don't take it there list, call the Better Buisness Bureau and report them. "The Better Business Bureau is a private agency, formed in 1912. It operates in both the US and Canada. The goal of the agency, is to help consumers by publishing reports on the reliability of businesses, reducing fraudulent business activities, educating both companies and businesses about rights and resonsibilities, providing information on charities, and resolving disputes.The Better
Business Bureau can be used as a tool, when trying to select a company you would like to use. You can do research on them, see other consumer's comments, and make the best decision for you.Since the Better Business Burea is a private agency, they do not have any controlling power over corporations or companies. They just simply list what has been reported to them. A business must enroll and pay for a membership in the BBB, and companies, once enrolled, must agree to resolve any disputes in order to maintain their membership."
This is one of the ways to get the rotten apples out of the basket. It's shops like these that give other shops a black eye.
Yes, report them to the BBB, but go another step further! If Texas has an agency that looks over professional licensing contact them! Auto repair shops don't worry too much about BBB, AAA, or whatever organization as much as they worry about THE agency that can PULL their license! Parts Guy is right...all of us repair shops look bad because of those bad apples!
Your.mechanic you are correct. Where my shop is in Florida we have a law called the Florida Motor Vehicle Repair Act. It's pro consumer and anti shop. When I say anti shop I mean if the shop doesn't follow the letter of the law they will be shutdown. I have seen at least four shops closed because they ripped off consumers. In 1985 when the law was instituted the number ONE consumer complaint was and still is Auto Repair Fraud. Personally I think every state should have a way of closing bad shops.
Only considering that you NEED one it sounds about right if you are at a QUALITY repair and labor would be 50/50 and it could take two weeks because of machine shop time and cleaning/preparing the block and quality control. Or you could go to some el cheapo auto fix-it place for considerably less!
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