Q: how much does it cost to repair the side view mirror on the driver's side on 2008 Hyundai Sonata

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The problem occurred when I broke the mirror
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DIY about $60 dollars. You can order the mirror assembly at You will need a 10mm wrench or socket. In the lower right corner of the driver door window, on the end that sits against the dashboard when closed, you will find a triangle shaped cover. Remove the cover. This exposes the wire harness for the mirror and the mount nuts. Disconnect the wire harness by pulling the connectors apart. Remove the bolts that secure the mirror to the door with the 10mm. DO NOT DROP BOLTS or you will have to dismantle door to retrieve them. Pull old mirror off the door and place new one in. Secure new mirror with the bolts you removed and tighten. Reconnect wire harness and replace plastic cover by hand.
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