Q: how much does it cost to balance the driveshaft? what parts need to be replaced? on 1999 BMW 528i

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i had a new driveshaft center support bearing put in took it back to the shop they are gonna cover labor for balancing the driveshaft just need to know if any more parts are going to be needed and how much?
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Why was the bearing replaced, to correct a vibe? Did it need to be balanced BEFORE the work? If not it should not need it now!! Something else is wrong. Possible u-joint misalignment after shaft seperation or improper bearing install. Just dont balance driveshafts anymore! Maybe back in the 60's!
i am thinking maybe not the bearing but the bushing. can cause excessive movement that could explain U joint wearing prematurely.
well now the shop is saying i need a new driveshaft cuz bmw driveshafts dont get serviced but i have to pay shouldnt the shop cover it cuz it was their misdiagnosis from the begining? so i just paid 500$ now a used one is atleast 400$
Check ebay for used shaft!! Also check with a driveshaft shop if one is in your area, may be able to fix that mess!
still think it wasn't the bearing cause that was replaced. it may have been the bushing for the bearing.
drive shaft was probably fine. bitch and complain as much as u need to. remind them that word of mouth is everything to customer relations. should show on your drive shaft if they tried to modify it for balance. trail of evidence for u. make them pay for it.
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