Q: how much does it cause to replace the oil pan on a 1998 bmw 328i? on 1998 BMW 328i

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found out it was broken on my oil change and they told me to replace emideately
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Its relatively rare for the actual oil pan to need replacement. Typically the oil pan gasket is what tends to leak. Just in case though the list price on an oil pan is $406.20 although we could get a used one for something closer to $200 (for just the part). Unfortunately the labor is also expensive as the job take 5 hours to do. If it just needs the gasket the part is $44.50 but still 5 hours of labor.
Hello there. I have a 1998 328i with a busted oil pan. Literally a hole in it. So I need to replace the actual pan. I already have the replacement pan.
I saw that you gave knowledgable advice about the topic in the past.
Therefore, I'm curious;
Do you know any links online to diagrams to the actual procedure of removing the pan?
I have an engine hoist, so I'd probably go the route of lifting it up.
It seems more straightforward that way.
However, I'd love advice from someone who's been there before; in regards to what I do and don't need to remove; before I get started.
Thanks a bunch!
zacharyzoosh at g mail if you want to respond direct.