Q: How much compression should it have in foot pounds not in ratio on 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

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number 3 is not firing and only has about 75 ft pounds but thats all # 1 has and it fires, but it has fire and get's fuel
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It looks like you have head gasket probs and the no fire in #3 is a seperate concern. What compression do you have in the other cylinders?
75 ft pounds but this is with a push on gauge. Do you no what to do to get # 3 to fire
If you have no more than 75 ft pounds of compression in all the cylinders then you need to start there first. That is not enough. Again, likely head gasket probs. You may find source of no fire on #3 during teardown. Because there can be many sources of probs i recommend a qualified shop look at it and go from there.