Q: how many oxygen sensors are on a ford f150 4.6 and where
on 1997 Ford F-150

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how many oxygen sensors
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Look at they will identify the number of sensors on your truck by application.After you use a scan tool to retrieve trouble codes and identify which sensor is bad Oxygen sensors are identified by bank and sensor position. Sensor 1 is always pre catalytic converter, sensor two is always post catalytic converter. If an engine is a 4 or 6 cylinder engine the whole engine is considered bank 1, if an engine is a V6, V8, V10....., the engine bank containing cylinder number 1 (first cylinder in the firing order) is considered Bank 1, the other bank is considered Bank 2. Interpretation Oxygen sensor designation B2S1 refers to Bank 2 Sensor 1, it will be the sensor on the engine side of the catalytic converter in bank two. Check this link to determine the cylinder that contains cylinder number 1.
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