Q: How many miles should wheel bearings be good for? on 2008 Toyota Prius

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The grumbling noise is heard when going over 45 miles an hour . I have 123,000 miles on the car. I have to travel several dirt roads and this winter in and around Malone has been bad. I travel slowly over the dirt roads so the car has not done really hard miles. Do you think they could possibly just need cleaning and greasing. How many miles should wheel bearings be good for?
(2) Answers
the bearings are non servceable. you cannot clean or grease. they must be replaced.

mileage wise, the last from 60k to 100k depending on driving habits.

You can load the front bearings by driving straight and turn slightly to the left and right, when turn right it loads the left front and vice versa, the bearing noise theoretically gets louder as each corner of vehicle is loaded, traveling on dirt roads can accelerate the bearings wear, have seen bearings go out with less miles, have a tech check it out as you may have only one bearing making all the noise.