Q: How many miles should I drive after clearing a code before trying for a sticker? on 2001 Chevrolet S10

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I had a po410 code appear , I replaced a part related to this problem and I cleared the code. Just wondering how many miles I should drive before attempting getting an inspection sticker?
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You need a scan tool to go in and look at the I/M Data and see if the monitors have all run. I don't know how many of the monitors TX requires to be passed for inspection, but in CA you can only get by with 1 not being run. There is no set number of miles, it goes by drive cycles and whether the conditions for running each monitor are met during the drive cycle. I have seen it take as many as 25 drive cycles (which equals about 25 days) depending on where/how/how far you drive, weather conditions, fuel tank level, etc. Email me and I will see about sending you the I/M drive cycle chart for running all the monitors.